Our Story

Why we Started

Hosts Avery and Tiana met while studying at the University of Southern California and bonded over their mutual passion for politics. At a time in which the political arena is so charged and people are more polarized than ever, this was an unusual bond - as Avery identifies as a Liberal and Tiana a conservative. Despite some political differences, one thing remains the same between the two: the opinion that government and society functions best when all sides work together. As citizens we look toward the government to set this example, however both parties are more at odds than ever. Tiana and Avery started off by having conversations about these political tensions weekly. Not only would they discuss the current events that were prevalent, they would also discuss the greater political ideals and philosophies at large. Drinking old fashioned's and talking about a pathway for cohesion between their conflicting ideas; this is how "The Political Pregame" was conceived. They hope this podcast can be a medium in which all political identities and ideologies can feel represented and included in a mission to increase the cohesion amongst the political spectrum. So have a drink with Avery and Tiana every Friday and join their discussion.